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Tretti år med tvilskremmere og klimapropaganda

«Global Climate Coalition». Det kan høres ut som en miljøorganisasjon, ikke sant? Med dobbeltsidige fargeannonser presenterte de seg i ukeblader over hele verden i mange år. Global Climate Coalition,  GCC, ble opprettet i 1989, året etter FNs klimapanel. Oppgaven til … Continue reading

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Thirty years with Merchants of Doubt and Climate Propaganda

Global Climate Coalition. It may sound like an environmental organization, right? With double-sided color ads, they featured in weekly magazines all over the world for many years. The Global Climate Coalition, GCC, was established in 1989, the year after the … Continue reading

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Joining hands to save our world

The climate crisis is here. The latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is frightening reading. It is easy to feel paralysis and apathy. It does not seem to matter what the individual does … The world … Continue reading

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Kan klimadugnad redde verden?

Klimakrisen er her, den siste rapporten fra FNs klimapanel er skremmende lesning. Det er lett å føle handlingslammelse og apati, det nytter ikke hva den enkelte gjør… Verden må kutte 50 prosent i utslippene fram til 2030 dersom vi skal … Continue reading

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Leap into the future! Detrump!

By Sven Åke Bjørke 26 January 2018                                                        What is neo-liberalism, trumpism, and how do … Continue reading

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Do not be fooled! Follow the money trail!

by Sven A. Bjorke, Feb 2017 The sail ship era did not end because of a lack of wind, but because better alternatives were found. The fossil fuel era will end when better alternatives are available. It is happening now. … Continue reading

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A Greener Future – an interactive e-book

The e-book “A greener future”  introduces the reader or course participants to the main relevant aspects of global warming, climate change,  green economy and sustainable development. The e-book can be read as an interactive course-book for an individual. It can be … Continue reading

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